How to light your house without electricity?

It is doubtless that electricity is a common household item. However, it is also true that sooner or later, electricity power is going to exhaust. Being solely dependent on electricity for lighting the house is not a wise decision, because if situations of unpredictable mishap such as storm or flood occur, then a person would be completely helpless.

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It is always recommended to always stay prepared for lighting the house without electricity. Here is a list of certain tips to assist you prepare yourself –

Flashlights – the most familiar and simplest form of emergency lights is flashlights. Most of the flashlights feature a halogen bulb and work through 2-AA or 3-AAA batteries. Flashlights generate excellent white light and are portable. They can be easily carried in purse or pocket. Flashlights are priced around $3-$4 onwards. The price of some big and branded flashlights is around $50 to $60. The flashlights can easily be suspended through a string or wire to light an area. Alternatively, they may also be placed on the table.

Gas powered generators – Gas powered generators run through fuel such as gasoline or petrol. The generator can easily be used to power few lighting fixtures, power the compressor of freezer and refrigerator and run the water pump. So investment in gas powered generators is a good decision. However, it is also recommended to replace the fuel used in the car or lawn equipment with the fuel stored for the generator because gasoline stores well for few months only.

Candles – candles are one of the most efficient and non expensive ways to light the house. Candles are available in an array of sizes and shapes. The small and regular ones can be procured for as less as 25 cents, and for the larger ones, one might require shedding out $50 or more. The most remarkable feature of candles is that they can be used to light any area and they never go bad.

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Oil lamps/kerosene lamps – Oil lamps or kerosene lamps are another feasible way to light homes. They produce a much steadier light in comparison to candles. A traditional lamp with two cups of oil can burn for an entire night. So two liters of oil is enough for a week. Oil lamps are easily available in the market and are moderately price. The average price of oil lamps are around $10.