How to install shelves to increase the storage space

When the apartment you live in is not that big enough and the storage space is limited, including shelves for storing the left out things will be a good idea. You can install closet shelves, wall shelves. It depends on you whether you hire a professional to install the shelves for you or you want to do it all by yourself.

Whatever may be your choice is, you need to first measure the size of the shelving area, can be wall or closet. Once you determined the size, go to the market. A hardware shop is the one where you can find shelves. Tell the person the size you want and the weight you want to place on the shelves. He will cut show the shelves accordingly. Shelves can be made of wood, glass and metals.

Glass shelves are good for keeping decorative pieces that are light in weight. If you are installing the shelves all by yourself, better to go for metal shelves because it has slots in it and so it becomes easy to adjust the spacing. Once you get the shelves now point is how to install them. For installing any types of shelves, you will need anchors. These are fixed in the walls and then screws are put in it. Anchors are used to hold the screw in position and keep it tight. Make sure that you have all the necessary tools needed for installing shelves. Basic tools are stud finder, a drilling machine, screws, measuring tap, a sharp pointed object, nails.

The basic steps to install standard shelves are to at first decide and mark the location of the studs in the wall. Ones marked, now use drilling machine to drill pilot holes in the marked points. Then you need to hang the standards and drive in the screws. Next step is to attach the brackets on the standards. When you are done with this, fix the shelves to the brackets by screws.

This was just the basic steps involved in installing shelves. Proper care has to be taken while drilling holes and driving screws. You also need take measurements for drilling holes carefully. A single mistake can spoil the whole thing.

If you are not sure whether you can do it on your own or not, then it is better to go for an experienced person. Because a shelf that is not installed properly spoils the look of the room. Moreover, it won’t last long and can be the cause of some accidents.{picture sources 1, 2,3}.

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One Response to “How to install shelves to increase the storage space”

  • Chloe says:

    Shelves can be one of the best ways to increase your storage space and get organized. They make use of that wasted wall space in tight kitchens and closets perfectly. Your pictures offer quite decorative solutions but the functional use of shelves shouldn’t be underestimated. They often need a bit of help to be really useful though. Baskets for kitchen shelves, plastic boxes for garage shelves or shelf dividers for closet shelves help to maximize the space and keep items in order!


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