How to install a toilet

There are some situations in life when it is quite recommended to know how to do something. Whether we are talking about housekeeping or just changing a piston, if we can do it on ourselves, why should we ask for help from somebody else, and also, why should we pay for something that we can do?

For example, for installing/changing a new toilet, a handy dandy would charge even $90-100. Does it worth it? Of course not, as changing or installing a new toilet can be done in few simple steps.

First of all, those who will do this operation should know extremely well what are the components of that specific toilet, as there are different types of toilets with lots of accessories included.

The first step is related to preparing the floor where the toilet will be placed as well as the soil pipe. This can be done easily by  removing parts of the parquet/floor and placing a rag into the soil pipe.

Next, you should install the soil pipe and the closet flange. These can easily be installed with a screw driver –either it’s mechanical or electrical-. Once you have in front the eyes the whole overview scheme, it will be quite easy, and everything will fit in place.

As any toilet needs a water reservoir, the next step is related to soldering the stop valve. Of course, in order to do this, you will have to stop the water supply valves. Remember to keep an empty bucket near you, just in case anything goes wrong.

After that, it’s time to put in place the toilet bowl. If you have any difficulties in putting it in the right place, try to press gently. Though, before pressing, check is everything is in place, in order to not break anything.

Next, the water reservoir should be installed. All the water tanks have special holes and drivers, therefore it won’t appear any difficulties. Though, be careful to hold the water tank tight, as you wouldn’t want to drop in on the floor and break it.

The final operations are quite easy to do and do not take too many efforts. You should connect the pipes and the conducts between them. You will easily see where each of them goes, as they can not be misplaced, and after that, set the set at its place. This can also easily be done with some screws.

Finally, put the floor/ parquet back, release water into the tank and flush it, in order to see if there aren’t any leaks. If there aren’t, you have successfully installed a toilet seat.

As you can see, it’s quite easy to install a toilet. Therefore, why would you pay almost $100 for a job that would take you no more than one hour max?

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