How To Give Your Bathroom A Spa-Like Feel

A visit to a spa can fee like a mini retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern living. Creating a sense of tranquillity, rest and calmness is not always an easy thing to do in a domestic situation. It will be something to strive for in a bedroom, but the room that most deserves an unruffled and peaceful décor is your bathroom. Take inspiration from professionally designed spas to emulate their look in your own bathroom.

The Hammam Look.

If you can, move all of your cleaning products and everyday items to another room or hide them away in a closet that you can close the door on. Avoiding clutter is the first thing you should think about when giving your bathroom a spa-like feel. There are several different design looks that you can go for, each of which will give you the sense of calm, but with utterly different style cues.

The Turkish bath, or hammam, is a great look that dates back to Roman times and is common all over modern Turkey, Syria, Egypt and Cyprus. Centered on a steam bath, the look is achieved by grey marble tiling. In a domestic setting you will want to install an underfloor heating system. Use tiling to create mosaics in geometric patterns. Hammams are places of restful relaxation and are often used for massage, so provide at least one bench that can be used for the practice. Candles and scents complete the Middle Eastern spa feel.

The East Asian Look.

Another great spa look is one that evokes the pleasure of the Orient. There is something about the traditional wooden baths of Japan that create a sense of well being and peace. Typically they are short, so that you don’t lie in them but crouch. However, they are deeper than regular bath tubs which compensates. Complete the Japanese look with some Oriental artwork and simple tiling on the walls. Tropical spa themes are also popular and work well, particularly if you have a large room which will allow you to highlight the sense of space. Use bamboo and tropical planting to give your bathroom a jungle-like feel.

The Hotel Spa Look.

Most of us visit spas that are in luxury hotels, so echoing their look is another good option for a home spa. Ensure the tones of the floor covering and the ceiling reflect one another. Install subdued lighting that is not too bright, but make sure there are plenty of light sources. Recessed wall and ceiling LED lighting is ideal for this purpose. Sunken plunge baths are good choices, rather than regular tubs for the hotel spa look, too.

Luxury Bathtubs.

If you are making your bathroom a haven, then invest in a high quality tub. There’s nothing that says you are in a spa-like atmosphere than a luxury bath tub. There are plenty of good quality bath tub manufacturers who will provide something of the right size and shape for your room. However, it is well worth considering a bespoke bath tub so that you have something unique in your bathroom. A novel material or a specifically designed shape will really make your room stand out and add to the spa inspired décor.


Hide away your everyday bathroom things in a simple styled bathroom cabinet with a mirrored front, to maintain the spa-like feel. To disguise the functional nature of the room you don’t want toothbrushes, shaving razors and hairbrushes on display. Remember that you are creating a bit of an illusion. Install a storage space that will house your towels, slippers and gowns, just as you would expect to see them in a regular spa. Kick back, breathe deeply and relax.

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Published by in Bathroom, on January 29th, 2013


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