How to Give People an Impression that Your Kitchen is Larger?

If your kitchen is small, you can perform a complete remodeling. There are a number of ways to improve the impression your kitchen gives people. Simple remodeling jobs can be done to make people feel the kitchen look larger.

To increase storage space, you can install a base cabinet with the cabinet door attached. The base cabinet should be a roll out shelve instead of using swing open door. You can store the frequently used appliances in this cabinet. When the shelf is pulled out, you will be able to find the items you need from the cabinet.

You can redo the cabinets by adding glass fronts. Alternatively, you can replace the solid cabinet door with glass front. To make the kitchen look larger, you can consider installing under the counter lighting. When decorating the kitchen, you should use light color for the cabinets and countertops. The soffits can be removed and replaced with ceiling cabinets. You can create stairstep cabinets by starting with the tallest cabinet and then line to the lower cabinet progressively. In the open space of the shorter cabinet, you can use it as a storage or decoration shelves.  The open space should be used for items that are seldom used in the kitchen.

You can bring the outdoor space into the kitchen by enlarging the window or replacing with garden window. The window should be installed at the counter top height.

If there are lots of unused items in the kitchen, you can get rid of them by giving it away to someone or recycle them. Reorganizing the kitchen will make your kitchen look larger. Cluttered kitchen tend to look small and crowded. If your kitchen doesn’t have a kitchen island, you can consider adding one. The kitchen island will be used as an eating area and used to store seldom used items. Kitchen counters that are at table height can be used as an island. You can top the counter with a countertop material so that it is convenient to sit next to the counter when eating.

Storage trays help to increase the storage space in the kitchen. The storage trays can be installed at the back of the false drawer fronts of the kitchen sink and stove. With the storage trays, you can significantly reduce the clutter around the sink and stove. You can purchase storage trays from the home improvement store and fix it yourself.

If your counter is cluttered with appliances such as microwave oven, toaster and etc, you can consider freeing up the space. You can install the microwave oven under the counter. The can opener and toaster can be put on other place so that the counter has more room.

If the kitchen is joined to a dining room, you can knock down the wall in between them. This project can be done is you have a little DIY skill. If you need help, you can hire a home improvement professional to help you to merge the dining room and the kitchen.

If you have many collectibles, you can create open shelves in the kitchen. You can remove the cabinets’ door. The inside of the cabinet can be painted with a bright color so that the shelves look colorful and the room feels more open.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on January 19th, 2011


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