How to get the Mediterranean Feel at Home?

The seductive style and classic quality of Mediterranean design theme have made the theme swiftly popular all across the globe. Homeowners who have always been enchanted by the Mediterranean theme which evokes feeling of soothing atmosphere, stress free environment and timeless romance are now earnestly trying to extend this theme to your home.

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If you also have a dream of decorating your house with the Mediterranean feel, you will be delighted to know that it in terms of cost, Mediterranean theme is the cheapest theme to create in your house.  With little elbow grease and few creative ideas, you can easily get the vibes, colors and romance of the Mediterranean theme in your home. Here is a list of few easy instructions to assist you get the Mediterranean feel at home –

The first ground rule of Mediterranean homes is that they are always simple, and feature minimal decoration. Therefore, try and limit yourself to the number of furniture pieces to be introduced in a room. Oversize urns, ornate iron seating furniture pieces and wrought iron structures can be selected as they are known to get the Mediterranean feel instantly.

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Walls dressed in amber, terracotta and olive green are definite characteristics of a Mediterranean home. However, if you find these hues too dark for your preferences, you may choose vibrant shades of cream and lemon to create the perfect Mediterranean environment.

Try to get a washed out or uneven finish on the walls by applying the paint with rag-roll method or by simply adding a little water to the paint.

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Mediterranean style homes generally feature brick-like flooring. Therefore, the tiles you select should be brown and reflect more of brick like style. Alternatively, you may also introduce brick like style tiles on work tops, back splash, chimney breasts and fireplaces.

Consider employing lots of low watt lighting fixtures such as floor lamps and table lamps in order to create a warm and serene atmosphere.

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pictures made by Adriano Bacchella.

Comfort and warmth are the prominent characteristics of a Mediterranean home. Therefore, the fabrics you employ should feature earthy or rough texture and contain various colors. Cheap carefree fabrics can be used to cover old settee or to make rugged cushion covers.Cover your windows with a cheap roller blind or natural cotton flowing curtains, which allow plenty of natural light to flood the room.