How To Get A Modern Dining Room Looking Right

Dining rooms that have a contemporary design are as popular as ever. Modern and chic areas for entertaining guests will probably never lose their appeal. The modern look does change over time and you need to keep up in order to maintain a contemporary style. Nevertheless, there are some consistent style rules that have been around for while which you should follow, along with the more recent trends. Get your dining room looking right by blending the ultra-fashionable with the more established rules of clean lines and simplicity.

Glass Table Tops.

If you want to update your modern dining room look with something that will refresh it and give it an on trend look, you could do much worse than replace your table. Dining tables with glass tops offer a fashionable alternative to traditional materials like wood.

Metalwork for the legs and frame of the table are favoured as they do not interrupt the eye as it looks through the table top. Chrome is a particularly popular choice at it reflects the light around. A glass table top may not be for everyone, especially for those with young children, but the look is undeniably contemporary.

Stylish Seating.

Traditional dining room furniture consists of a table and six or eight matching chairs. The modern look demands that you break up these rules. There’s nothing wrong with a few dining chairs, but mix the look up with a bench along one side of your table. Alternatively, use a sofa to dine from, but one that allows you to be seated upright comfortably, rather than lounging around. Stools are another good option for breaking up the traditional dining room look.

Suspended Table Lighting.

Recessed lighting in dining rooms is all well and good, but to highlight the food you are serving, a light fitting that sits near to your table is best. Hanging light fittings that sit above a dining room table, just above the eye line, so diners can still see each other clearly, are very trendy at the moment.

A simple rail, installed above your table, from which you suspend three of four light fittings, achieves the modern look with ease. Alternatively, hang multiple fittings that are at differing heights above the table like a modern art installation. Pendant lamps will create the right look and can be purchased singly or in modules, which can make them easier to install.

Contemporary Flooring.

Not all dining rooms, even in modern homes, evoke a contemporary feel because of the choice of flooring. Carpets feel cozy but the seldom create a sense of a contemporarily designed domestic environment. Concrete floors are all the rage nowadays and very practical for a modern dining room. Of course you will need concrete that has been skimmed to create a pleasant looking surface. Stained concrete will help get the look right without making it appear to be too utilitarian. If the walls of your dining room are plain white to get a minimalist look, then consider a darker tone for your flooring to create a contrasting effect.

Taking The Edge Off The Modern Look.

If the rest of your home adheres to contemporary styling then you will probably want a modern look for your dining room, too. However, for most people an entire home that has contemporary styling, and nothing else, can become a little austere.

There is no need to reject the whole modernist deisgn of your dining room to overcome this. Simply stick to the same design principles, but add a natural element or two to, subtly, take the edge off the look. A table made from natural wood, that retains some grain, for instance can add a homely touch without compromising on the modern look of the room. Stacking some logs into a recess in your dining room will have much the same effect.

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Published by in Kitchen, on December 14th, 2012


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