How To Design And Plan A Home Theater Room

Most living rooms these days feature the TV as the focal point. There also a trend lately that features the computer as the main element, replacing the TV or as an addition to it. This makes the living room look more and more like a home theater or media room. If you’re serious about movie nights with friends, then you’ll upgrade to an actual home theater. You’ll be interested to know the main elements that define such a space and how you can design, plan and decorate it.

Use your basement.

The basement is not exactly a very welcoming space in most homes. However, it’s the perfect place for a home theater. Since there are usually no windows here, you don’t have to worry about the sunlight ruining your experience. There’s also no need for curtains and you can freely plan your lighting system exactly the way you want it.

Make a dramatic statement.

If you want your home theater room to look authentic and to provide you and your guests with a unique experience when watching a great movie, then need to plan the design to perfection. Hang long curtains to hide your screen and to give the room that dramatic look theaters usually have and plan something special for the ceiling too.

Include enough seating.

Comfort is very important in a home theater or media room. Make sure to include enough seating for everyone. You can wither get individual seats or large sofas or sectionals. Either way, everyone needs to have good visibility so going creating two or more rows.

Give the room a clean and relaxing look.

Comfort is given by more than just the type of seating you decide to use. You need to think beyond that when decorating your home theater. Use a light color palette if you want the room to look clean and fresh and decorate it with personalized items to make it look more like a casual living room.

Use warm colors and materials.

Some colors and materials are better at creating a warm and pleasant ambiance than others. We’re talking about wood in particular which you can use on your ceiling, floor but also on the walls. Brown is an earthy shade which, combined with the right type of wood or the right finish can result in a beautiful design, perfect for this room.

Make good use of textures and fabrics.

When watching a movie you want to snuggle down with your popcorn and feel cozy. It’s a lot easier to get that feeling in your own home theater if you use the right textures and fabrics. A wooly throw will keep warm and comfy this winter and a few velvet cushions would make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable. Add a few long curtains and padded panels on the walls.

Decorate the walls with posters.

Make your home theater look authentic by decorating the walls with movie posters and other themed items. The little details can have a rather big impact on the overall look.

Bring in ottomans for everyone.

If you opt for large sofas or sectional for your home theater, then you and your guests will feel the need to stretch your legs so an ottoman or a footstool would be just the thing you need. Make sure you bring in enough for everyone and place them strategically so everyone can use them comfortably.

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