Decorating A Girl’s Bedroom – 10 Pointers To Help You On The Way

Almost every little girl dreams of being a princess so you’d think it must be easy to decorate their room. Well you’d be very wrong. It’s not all pink and unicorns, especially when you’re trying to be practical. But with a little help and some clear ideas of what you’re trying to achieve you should be just fine.

Decorate with pastels.

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Girls are cute and peaceful so their rooms should reflect that. Use pastel colors for the walls and ceiling. Even if you add a few brighter accents, the ambiance will still be serene and charming.

Include lots of storage.

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Even when they’re little, girls have a lot of stuff. Make sure there’s plenty of room to store everything so include lots of shelves, drawers and hidden compartments. Girls are also usually organized so they’ll appreciate this.

A cozy hanging chair.

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Make the room feel cozy with a swing chair. Maybe you can fit one in a corner, by the window, so your little princess can relax and cozy up while admiring the views.

Touches of pink.

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Even if pink is not the main color, you want the room to look girly so you’ll need to include a few pink accents. They can come in the form of a breezy canopy for the bed, a cute area rug or a lovely chandelier.

Ceiling décor.

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Don’t ignore the ceiling. It too is part of the room’s décor. Instead of painting the walls a cheery color you can choose to make the ceiling stand out with some bold stripes or something equally simple to achieve.

A cute little tent.

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Girls like tents too. In fact, they love to cuddle up inside with their toys and play or take a nap. You can make a cute little tent yourself. It’s not hard at all. Just build the frame and cover it with fabric.

Give a girl some privacy.

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When they’re little, kids love to hide and when they grow up they start to appreciate that privacy for other reasons too. You can put up curtains to frame the bed or make a private window nook for your little girl to enjoy.

A clean and fresh room.

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Try to keep the room as clean and simple as possible. You can limit the furniture to the basics such as the bed and a dresser and make the room feel cozy even without all the extra elements.

Cute wall art.

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Don’t forget to decorate the walls. We really like these “laugh” and “love” framed accents and how they match the mirror above the bed. They’re simple but they stand out.

Long curtains.

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Curtains give a room a feminine look, especially if they feature a color such as coral or some kind of pastel. Put up long curtains on the windows and you can even install ceiling curtains for the bed.

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