11 Simple Office Decorating Tips To Help Increase Your Productivity

These days everyone seems to have a home office. Whether we all work harder or whether it’s just practical, we should make efforts to make this space as productive and efficient as possible. Of course, we can’t ignore style. Learn how to marry these two elements in a beautiful and inviting décor and how to take advantage of what you already have in your home office.

Store things in baskets.

It’s a lot easier to store and to organize everything you need in your home office is you use baskets or boxes. Group the items and store them together instead of just placing them randomly on your desk.

Add warmth with an area rug.

It’s understandable to want your home office to look professional and even sober but it should also be inviting and comfortable. You can do that by including a beautiful area rug, preferably one that also has an interesting design or pattern.

Decorate with curtains.

Natural light is very important in a home office so, even if you leave the windows open most of the time, you can also use curtains to make the room feel more welcoming. They can also be a source of color for the room.

Choose a bold color for your desk.

Most desks are usually white, black or neutral in some way and that’s fine but if you want to add some character to yours, paint it a bold color such as red, blue or green.

Keep your files organized.

It’s important for a home office to look clean and organized and it’s impossible for that to happen if you have papers all over your desk. Keep them all organized on shelves.

Let the outdoors in.

You can’t really be productive when you’re feeling trapped inside a dark room and you can feel the breeze and the cheer waiting for you outside. Let the outdoors in through large windows or glass walls to solve the problem.

Paint the walls a vibrant color.

Since the office is not the type of space that needs to be extra cozy and relaxing but rather the type of room that needs to energize you, you should paint the walls a vibrant color. You can also include other colors elsewhere in the room.

A white room always looks clean.

A room that has crisp white walls, furniture and a bright décor throughout will always look clean and fresh, even if it’s not. Use this strategy for your home office.

Interesting lighting fixtures.

Every room needs a focal point and in the case of your home office that can be the ceiling light fixture. You can opt for a really interesting pendant light or even a chandelier but don’t make it too ornate or glamorous.

Keep things within reach.

Open shelves are excellent for organizing and storing all the office supplies and items. They’re all within reach and you don’t have to open drawers and dig for the thing you need. It’s right there in front
of you.

Use the walls.

Make the most of the walls in your home office. Use them to hang and display personal items like photos, schedules, calendars, etc. and to free up your cluttered desk. You can also use them to personalize the space a little bit.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on October 20th, 2010


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