How to Decorate Kitchen with Oak Cabinets?

Are you looking for an efficient solution to give your old kitchen a makeover? Does your kitchen feature oak cabinets? Well, no need to blame oak cabinets for the outdated look as nothing appeals feels better than classic oak cabinets installed in a kitchen. The light washed out color imparted to the room by oak cabinets can be easily spruced up by employing efficient decorating techniques.

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Many homeowners stick to the rule that kitchens should be painted in white or light color. However, in case of kitchens with oak cabinets, as a light color tone has already been introduced by way of oak cabinets, it would be appropriate to choose dark saturated colors for painting the walls. Lively wallpaper with interesting patterns may also be chosen to set off the pale look and create an inviting area for the family.

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Choose opulence bold fabrics featuring loud prints for dressing the windows. Always remember that there is very little scope to introduce fabric inside the kitchen, therefore the opportunity imparted by the windows should be used efficiently.

Kitchen accessories are other popular and efficient ways to decorate a kitchen with oak cabinets in an impressive manner. The accessories should be selected in alliance with the color of the walls. Introduce jars, hand towels, table mats in matching color and pattern as that featured by the walls.

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Provide the cabinets with a facelift by updating their hardware such as hinges and handles. Choose deep colored unique pieces to enhance the kitchen décor. Ensure to select a different style than the existing cabinet fixtures installed, so that the new ones catch the eye.

A splash of color may also be added to the pale kitchen by laying down a vibrant runner near the sink area. An attractive kitchen rug with bold geometric prints or eye catching designs may also be employed as a trick to breathe in life to the kitchen.

A tile splash guard may also be installed above the countertop and behind the stove area to lend a dramatic statement to the room. Try selecting the splash guard in contrasting colors to the oak cabinets and complementing the walls. You may also create some pattern or design by employing varied colored tiles.{pictures from Stosa}.