How To Decorate A Room In White Without Making It Look Plain

White is a pure and simplistic color often used as a means to make a space appear bigger and brighter. But not too many would be audacious enough to use white as the primary color when designing and decorating a room. A space decorated mostly in white can easily become cold, austere and plain. So how can we keep that from happening? Well, it all depends on the room.


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If you choose as the main color when decorating the entryway, then you must be prepared to make the space feel welcoming through other means, other than color. An option is to opt for wooden flooring which would give the area a warm and rich look. You can also use texture to your favor by adding a soft cowhide rug for example.


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Hallways are usually long and narrow so making them look appealing and interesting is not an easy task. You can make the hallway seem brighter and more open by painting the walls and ceiling white. The floor can feature a light wooden tone and one of the walls can be transformed into a gallery on which to display artwork and photos featuring different-colored frames.

Home office.

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In a home office, the walls, ceiling, floor and even the furniture can be white. You can make the space look interesting through accessories and accent features such as these red-painted beams or the small colorful accents used throughout.


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White is actually a nice color for the bedroom. Peaceful, simple and serene, it makes the space feel relaxing and tranquil. But a bedroom also needs to feel warm, inviting and cozy so also play with textures and lighting to achieve a harmonious look.

Kids’ room.

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In some spaces it’s a bit more difficult to adapt a color scheme based mainly on white. The kids’ room is one of these spaces. One strategy could be to use white for the walls, ceiling and furniture and to opt for warm, wooden floors and colored bedding and wall art.


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White is not a forgiving color so a white kitchen requires a lot of maintenance and care, even so, it’s worth the effort. A white kitchen looks clean, fresh and bright and it doesn’t need accent colors or wood to look inviting.


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The same thing can be said about a white bathroom, although you could opt for adding a bit of contrast to this space. The black and white combo is a really great option. Simple, chic and always fashionable, this combination is ideal for small bathrooms.

Living room.

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In the living room, use white to create a neutral and bright background for all the colorful accent pieces you want to add. For example, opt for colored window treatments, accent pillows and even for some eye-catching pieces of furniture.

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