How To Decorate A Long Narrow Bedroom

Bedroom is the most desirable destination for decoration in a house. The interior of a bedroom is always liked to be distinct. Having good decoration in the bedroom makes it impressive and creates a beautiful ambiance around. But, when one has a long narrow bedroom, some ideas of decoration do not seem feasible in this sphere. So, some ideas on the decoration of a long narrow bedroom are provided here.

Decorate A Long Narrow Bedroom

When the room is narrow, try painting the long walls with different colours. Dark colours can also be used on one of the walls. Placing large floor mirrors on the darker side helps in making a room look bigger. You can also put the mirror opposite to a window that reflects the natural light and enables one to find the room larger. The bed that takes the maximum space should also be placed at the correct position. When going for the decoration of long narrow bedroom, avoid using bedside tables and replace them with high dressers.

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The long narrow bedroom decoration includes a lot of creativity that can be used very efficiently. If the room is extremely long, work on the floor space. Divide it into blocks and use some floor design with different colours. Make use of each area by doing the correct placement of chairs and other things. Here, separation with the help of a curtain or a divider can also be done. This separates the sleeping zone and so breaks the length of the room. Draperies can be hung as well for creating an atmosphere of elegance in the room.

When the television needs to be in the bedroom, hanging the flat screens on the wall seems a great option. Doing this saves the floor space as well. Finally, implement these ideas and complete your long narrow bedroom decoration.{pics from source}

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