How To Decorate A Bedroom With White Walls

It’s a known fact that white walls can only induce an impression of a bigger space, right? Or at least, white walls will create an optical illusion meant to make you think a room is bigger than it really is.So, decorating such a room isn’t as easy as expected. Of course, you could decorate it the way you want, but if there are too many objects, the effect given by the white walls will simply disappear.So, how to decorate a bedroom with white walls?

Basically, in order to benefit from the effect of the white, the room should not have too many pieces of furniture.Let’s put it this way: for only one room, the best way of decorating it  is by placing only a bed, a TV set and maybe 2 night closets on each side of the bed. It will be perfect.

The bed, due to the fact that it has the role of being the main piece of furniture, should be modern, with a thick and hard mattress – preferably an orthopedic one -. The perfect size of the bed would be somewhere near 1800mm*1600mm, king size as you can see. As for the sheets, they should have a strong color – and yet, not a bold one – therefore colors like yellow, pink, and orange should definitely be avoided. In fact, not even shades of these colors should be used. Of course, the pillows should be either white, either the same color as the sheets.

In order to obtain an elegant effect, the color of the curtains should have the same color as the color of the sheets.

Now, the TV set should be a flat wide screen and you know the rule: the wider, the better. The TV shouldn’t have a floor support, as it would take too much from the space of the room. You will find all the types of wall supports for wide LCDs, but take our advice and don’t go for the cheapest ones. Buy resistant ones to be sure that you don’t want to see any unpleasant accidents.


As for the carpets, they should be simple ones. If we’re talking about normal floor, then they can be of any neutral color. Though, don’t go for the fully carpets as they are more for kids, not for the bedroom of the grownups.

As you see, if you keep it simple, you can have a very elegant bedroom without too many pieces of furniture.

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