How To Decorate A Bar

Having a home bar is definitely something that most of the people only dream at. Though, there is a common mistake when it comes to home bars: people think that in order to have one, you must spend a lot of money on the proper accessories and decorations. Nothing more further from the truth than that. It is actually simple and cheap to decorate a bar. The only thing is mandatory is some free space in the living room or in the kitchen, places where usually a home bar is installed.

The main rule of a bar tells us that we should decorate exactly as the rest of the room is decorated. This is why the colors should respect the dominant color from the rest of the room.

If the room where the bar is placed is meant for sport watching or for hanging our with friends, certain things must be definitely placed: a small fridge for the beer and also support for the glasses. There is no need for a counter, even if it is recommended to have one.

The main mistake that people are doing when it comes to decorating a home bar is the fact that they confound the bar itself with the place where the drinks and the glasses are kept. No, that ain’t a bar.

To understand better why people are doing this mistake, we should see how a normal bar is decorated: usually, a home bar should have a counter, some chairs – that if the bar is meant to be seated at –, horizontal support for the glasses in the upper part (so that the glasses will stay upside down, but fix in the support), and of course space to deposit the drinks. A modern way to deposit the drinks is to make a special room for them, directly into the wall. Glass doors should close that room, room that must also be kept away from any powerful sun rays.

What type of drinks should a home bar have? Scotch, red and white whine, champagne, liqueur, whiskey and much more. The only drink that must be kept away from the regular bar is beer. It simply doesn’t fit the landscape of a classic, elegant bar.

One more aspect on how to decorate the bar: as there are many types of drinks and some of them are consumed in different types of glasses – take whiskey and champagne, for example-, the owners of the bars should ensure that they have enough classes for every drink in part.

The above ideas are the main facts on how a (home) bar should be decorated. They aren’t expensive at all to implement, and they definitely look good. Therefore, if you have ever considered to make your own bar, now it’s the time to do it. Finally, you and your friends will definitely have the perfect place to hang out and just loose some time together.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on June 15th, 2010


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