How to create a romantic bedroom with feng shui?

Has the excitement of your love life died? Do you feel irritated and boring in your bedroom? Well, if this is so, then how about giving your bedroom a romantic makeover and too with feng shui. Feng shui is nothing but an ancient art of decorating the environment in support of the life one wishes to live. Feng shui is all about of balance. It shall help you create your own romantic paradise and ignite back the flames of your love life.

Clean your bedroom - First of all, you need to clear all the clutter and junk from your bedroom so that positive energy can flow through the room easily. Clutter is known to block the flow of positive energy (known as “chi” in feng shui). Things like books, dirty clothes, and other miscellaneous junk items should all be removed. The area under the bed should also be cleaned and kept clutter- free.  In addition, also remove things that remind you of your past or past relationships.

Remove the television and the computer from the bedroom – whether you agree or not but computer and television are literally energy suckers. They are known to affect the relationship and snatch away your partner’s attention.

Make room for love – if you wish to reignite love in your life, you need to get rid of all objects related to loneliness and make room for objects that represent love. Single pieces are also known to represent loneliness such as a single flower vase, a single photo frame, sculpture or more. Instead, the objects should be arranged in pairs to portray union such as two candles, two tables, two paintings and more. Pictures of both of you together as a couple should be displayed in the room.

Water elements should be removed from the bedroom – Look for water elements in your bedroom and move them out of the bedroom. Besides killing the flames of romance, they are also known to cause a financial downfall.

Use right colors – Feng shui emphasize a lot on colors. Cool pastel colors such as blue, gray, white and more should be completely avoided. Instead, colors such as red, orange, pink, burgundy, are believed to be ideal for the bedroom.

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