How To Clean Bathroom Tiles

A majority of home owners chose to install tiles in their bathroom because besides enhancing the look of the bathroom, they are highly durable, sturdy and easy to clean. Decorating the bathroom with tiles in an exquisite manner is just not enough, proper measures should be taken to clean the tiles because a clean and well designed bathroom is known to increase the value of a home. Moreover, if the tiles are left untouched for a longer duration of time, soap and mineral deposits along with grout stains are bound to develop. Cleaning bathroom tiles is an easy job that requires some good cleaners and little effort.

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1.Depending upon the severity of the mold or dirt, start with spraying the bathroom cleaner from top to bottom. Wet the tiles and spray the cleaner solution.

2.Scrub the entire area with a kitchen scrub sponge. First try to focus on the surface of the tiles and not the grout. Scrub the tiles in circular motions and also put in a good bit of pressure. The edges of the tiles need to be scrubbed in straight lines. Wash off with warm water.

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3.If you can still see deposits around the tile surface, then try to ascertain the source behind the residue, whether it is due to soap deposits, hard water or the iron content of the water. Most of the soaps give way to a milky film, high iron content in water will cause brown stains to develop and hard water is known to cause green stains.

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4.Firstly, try to scrub the deposits with white vinegar. Use raw vinegar and make sure to wear gloves as vinegar may cause itchiness. If the tiles become shiny and squeaky clean, then your task is done. If deposits are still there, purchase a bathroom cleaner. There are several special bathroom cleaners for fighting iron and rust deposits. If this also fails, then try to use a toilet bowl cleaner. Toilet bowl cleaner is known to be very caustic and hence should not be left on the surface for too long. Apply it and scrub it immediately. Avoid applying it on the plumbing fixture as the toilet cleaner may corrode it.

5.For cleaning the grouts, spray some liquid bleach and leave it for some time and wash off after light scrubbing. You may also use a commercial grout cleaner.

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