How To Choose Tile For Bathroom

Redecorating a bathroom nowadays is much more easier than it used to be in the past. This is possible due to the availability of the material market, market that is continuously adding new items almost every day.

Now, choosing the tile for a bathroom should respect at least some few steps.

First of all, it’s a common thing that the tile should have the same color. Don’t go for more colors as your bathroom isn’t supposed to be a rainbow. So, once you have a color in mind, proceed to the next step.

Next, you should browse the offer of the home improvement retailers that are near your place. And even more important, check their prices. You might be surprised to find out that there are major differences between the prices, even if some of the products are the same.

Choosing the model of the tile depends very much about how the bathroom is decorated and what accessories are in it. Also, the color has a pretty high importance. If the bathroom is small, then it is clear that you are in need of as much luminosity you can get, therefore the color and the model should be a light one. As well, the lightning system should be powerful, especially if the bathroom has only ones small window near the ceiling.  In order to obtain a nice progress, the bulbs should be oriented to the tile, and only one or two bulbs should be oriented to the mirror. This will create enough light, and a nice effect will also appear.

As well, if the bathroom is big and well lit, then the tile can be a little fancier. As well, the color can be darker, but only if the color of the furniture will be the same. Otherwise, people that’ll enter in the bathroom will have the feeling that something isn’t at it’s place, even if at the first sight, everything will be ok.

One last tip: after you have chosen your desired tile, ensure that you have someone that really knows how to mount it. Otherwise, at the first shock, or at the first slippery, some of your tiles will crack, and your whole investment will be in vain, as a bathroom with some cracked tiles will look awful.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on September 13th, 2010


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