How to choose the perfect range hood for your kitchen?

A kitchen range is a necessary item in every kitchen. Those individuals who are avid cooks are known to use the range several times a day, while the novice cooks use the range few times during a day. Irrespective of the number of the times the range is used, a range hood is also as important as the range itself. A range hood is known to enhance the cooking experience as it assists to keep the kitchen free from smoke, grease, dirt and odor.

With technology moving at a rapid pace and new products being launched every day, it is assured to be very confusing when it comes to selection of a perfect range hood for the kitchen. Here is a list of few tips to assist you choose the right range hood for your kitchen –

Survey the cooking lifestyle of your family – First of all, you need to survey the cooking activity and lifestyle of your kitchen. If small meals are cooked in your kitchen and that too few times, a cabinet mounted range hood would cater to the need perfectly. On the other hand, if your stove is used frequently for grilling, sautéing, frying and the boiling, then you should consider installing high end range hood.

Determine the available space – as range hoods are available in varied sizes, determining the available space shall assist you to select the right size. If there are cabinets installed on top of kitchen range, then you would want to select a hood with unexposed shaft. On the other hand, a range hood with exposed shaft may be selected if there is free wall space. Basically, the amount of available space shall dictate the options of hood you can consider.

Select the type of ventilation – Range hoods are available with two types of ventilation – re-circulating ventilation and external ventilation. External ventilation is better than re-circulating ventilation as the air is expelled outside the home, but then it requires an outside space. On the other hand, re-circulating ventilation cleans the air through various filters.

Choose a hood style – Range hoods are available in a wide range starting from low profile and sleek ones to elaborate and architectural models. Take time and screen various options to select a style that matches perfectly with the décor theme of the house and caters to the need also.

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