How to choose shower curtains

Planning decorations for your home is very exciting and is a great fun. But, when you start implementing the designs into reality, you realize that it is not as easy as it seemed to be and you end up with a confused mind. This happens especially because of the availability of varieties in each category and to add to it, each one is better than the other be it in style, design, cut, color or anything. The same happens when you decide to buy shower curtains to your bathroom. Here are some tips to help you clear your confusion.

At first, determine curtains of which color will complement your bathroom’s color. Ones this is determined, next is to check your budget. You don’t need a huge investment to get a shower curtain, however as compared to the normal one; a higher quality curtain will cost more. Same goes with the design; better the design higher is the price of the curtain.

Now comes the quality of the curtain. It is advisable to go for a good quality curtain, as you won’t be changing shower curtains at regular periods. Moreover, it will be constantly subjected to heat, humidity and water, so a better quality is preferable. Shower curtains are mostly made up of fabrics that are easily washable.

One very important factor to consider while buying shower curtains is the material, as not all shower curtains’ materials are safe for your health and environment.  Poly vinyl chloride (PVC) shower curtains have some harmful chemicals, which are not good for environment as well as human. So, instead of PVC curtains go for shower curtains made of TPU. When it comes to choosing the design of the curtain, you have lots of options. Designable curtains always add beauty to the room it is added and so does the shower curtains by adding beauty to the bathroom. Curtains that actually complements the design of the bathroom makes it look cozier, elegant. For kids bathroom you can go for designs like cartoon characters, ducks, raindrops etc. Curtains with contemporary designs fits well in bathrooms with a very modern look.

The look of a shower curtain, however expensive it may be, will be spoiled if you use cheap shower curtain rings. Also, match the material of the rod with that of the rings, like metal rods for metal rings and plastic rods for plastic rings. While choosing shower curtains make sure that it is durable and easy to clean.{pic from scrollmag and hgtv}.

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