How To Choose Modern Furniture For The Kitchen

The kitchen, besides being the heart of the house in many cases, is also the room that usually keeps up with technology and design trends. In other words, kitchens get updated more often and modern and contemporary furniture is what you expect to find there. So let’s see what your options could be if you decide to give your kitchen a modern makeover.

Bar stools.

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Design a modern kitchen with a good-looking island that doubles as a bar and complement it with these LEM Piston Stools. They’re sleek and stylish and fit perfectly in a kitchen that has a simple and welcoming décor.

Marble countertops.

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Marble countertops are popular in modern kitchens because they look elegant and stylish and combine functionality with a refined beauty. You can match your marble countertops to your kitchen island for a simple and cohesive look.

Dining chairs and table combos.

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A lot of modern kitchens also include a sitting/ dining area composed of a minimalist table like the one designed by Eeron Saarinen and a few classy dining chairs such as the Eames molded plastic chairs with wooden dowel legs.

Functional island storage.

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Two things impresses us here: that stunning dark backsplash and this beautiful kitchen island with built-in storage for books. Love the simplicity and the way these two features stand out.

Stainless steel accents.

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You can add a few stainless steel accents to match your kitchen appliances. For example, look at this mobile island that doubles as a bar. It has a bit of industrial flair but it’s mainly modern.

Built-in appliances.

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When designing a modern kitchen, built-in appliances should be at the top of the list. They allow you to give the kitchen a minimalist and organized look and to make the most of the space. But keep in mind that you’ll most likely need custom furniture.

Hidden drawers.

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How space-efficient is this kitchen island? Just look at all these drawers. There’s a ton of storage space here for everything from tableware to dishes and pots and pans. But the best thing is everything remains hidden and the only visible features remain the induction cooktop and the sink.

Curved lines.

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Clean lines and sharp angles usually define modern interior design but curved lines can also be a characteristic. Look how refined and elegant this kitchen looks with that gorgeous ceiling and the oval freestanding hood.

Eye-catching lighting.

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The little things and accent details play a very important role in the case of modern and contemporary kitchens. The lighting fixtures are often bold and interesting. In this case, they take advantage of the overall black and white design.

Kitchen island with fireplace.

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Think out of the box when designing your modern kitchen. If it’s part of the open floor plan, the island will most likely be the element that separates the kitchen from the living room so you could include a fireplace in its design.

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