How to choose high quality interior and exterior oak doors?

Are you considering high quality solid oak doors as an exquisite addition to your house? Well, if yes, it is unquestionably a good decision. Exterior oak doors from solid wood are always given a top preference because of their exceptional features. Whether you are aware or not but oak is an extremely durable hardwood material and is known for its superior durability and strength. Besides resisting dents, it is also known to resist break ins. It is long lasting and can easily resist harsh weather conditions, humidity and moisture.

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Interior oak doors are also quite popular. And this is because of the unsurpassed beauty of the oak material. Most of the oak doors are dark in color and feature a pronounced pattern of grain. If you touch an oak door, you will feel that the door has a kind of texture because of the heavy grain.

With several types of oaks and innovative styles available, there is something for everyone to select in accordance to the specified taste and preference. When choosing oak doors from solid wood, you need to make a choice among various color options as oak is available in a large variety of grains and colors. Red oak features open grain and is reddish- brown in color.

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White oak, on the other hand, features even and tight grain pattern and is pale white in color. When choosing exterior oak doors from solid wood, it is always better to settle for red oak because it is dark in color and will be easy to maintain. At the same time, you can select either of red oak or white oak for the interior doors.

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It is also advised to select oak doors, which feature a smooth finish because they are easy on maintenance. Needless to be mentioned, but front doors always demand extra maintenance, so selecting one with smooth exteriors is always a good decision. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to achieving a contemporary look, you can select oak doors that feature panels. The panels can be flat or raised, depending upon your preference. If you prefer to select a door which allows you to see through it, you can have the oak doors fitted with an exquisite glass panel in the middle. This shall keep your privacy and also allow you to see through it.

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    Great looking doors. Solid oak doors over engineered every time – internal and external. We’ve been advocating this for years and luckily our customers agree! Great post.

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    Amazing collection of doors, I’ll keep your post for future reference thanks.