How to Choose Area Rugs to Complement Your Home’s Decorating Style

The aspect of a room depends in a big proportion by the rug that is inside it. This is why choosing the proper rugs in order to complement a home’s decorating style is definitely mandatory for any household.

Therefore, ho to choose area rugs in order to complements the home’s decorating style? Here are some tips.

If the living room is decorated in a classic style, with nothing extremely modern, then a Victorian rug should suit perfectly. Victorian rugs are usually flowered, with lots of colors, and are quite large. Therefore, they are perfect for classic living rooms, as long as they suit the other pieces of furniture.

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If we are talking about a minimalist room, then rugs should not be placed in that room. Though, small carpets that might change the total aspect of the room can be placed, but nothing else more.

For the rooms that are decorated with crafts or pieces of art like statues and paintings, people should search for William Morris rugs. These rugs will definitely suit such a room, as they are known for the symmetry and for the fade colors, factors that can influence dramatically the aspect of such an arts room.

As for the bedrooms, rugs with oriental elements are perfect. Because in the modern living rooms, the lightning system is not so powerful, such an oriental rug will definitely suit, especially if that bedroom is a classic one.

For the children’s room, soft rugs should be chosen. Though, the model of the rug depends of the age of the child: if he is a new-born or in the first years of life, cartoon themed rugs should do it. Once that the child is getting older, the rug can be changed with a modern one, as long as it respects the desires of the child.

And that is pretty much it. Many combinations can be done, but as long as the golden rule of the rug decoration is respected – that the colors and the model should fit the room -, the possibilities of decoration are quite unlimited.