How To Choose The Bed For Your Guest Room

Ideally, every home should have a guest room. Whether friends or relatives want to spend the night or someone needs a temporary place to stay, your guest room can save the day. But having one is just the first step. When decorating it, you need to take into consideration the fact that, even though it’s part of your home, you won’t be the one who uses it. Keep that in mind when buying important things like the bed for example.

Before you choose a bed for the guest room, think of how often you have guests that spend the night. If it’s just an occasional thing, then you can afford to save space and get a smaller bed or even a sleeper sofa.

Comfort is very important. You want your guests to be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep so make sure the bed you choose has a good mattress and good support. It’s ok to recycle an old bed from another room but if it’s too old you may just one to get a new one than to sacrifice the comfort of your guests.

Don’t think of the guest room as a place where people go to sleep. Give your guests options. This is also a great idea if you want to also use that room as a home office when nobody is occupying it for example. Instead of a bed, get a sleeper sofa or a window seat with a pull-out bed underneath.

It could be useful to first decide where you want to place the bed and then to go shopping for one. For example, you may want to place the bed in a corner ans getting a smaller one won’t really save you any space.

Depending on your entertaining needs, you may want to have more than a bed in the guest room. Maybe you have grandkids that like to spend their vacations with you or maybe you know friends enjoy to spend the night and need separate beds.

Explore all the options before you make a decision. For example, how about a loft bed? It would definitely be an interesting option. You get to save floor space if you use the area underneath for something else and this way the room can serve two functions.

Usually, the bed is the focal point but if you prefer a different approach, then hide the bed behind closed doors. There are plenty of ways to do that. You can also use curtains or you can get a Murphy bed.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on September 23rd, 2010


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