How To Choose A Guest Bed

What most of the people don’t quite understand is the fact that, if possible, every house is in need of a guest bed. Whether your friends are coming for a night, or you are just in need for an extra bed for your friend that has problems and needs a place to stay, a guest bed is necessary.

Now, there are different types of guest beds. The most common one is the inflatable mattress. Their major advantage is the fact that they can be placed anywhere in the house, but they also have few disadvantages: they can easily be destroyed, they are not so comfortable and they also look bad. Though, in an extreme situation, they should do the trick. As well, there are the so called divan beds. Everybody knows them: they are beds made from 2 pieces, that can easily be transformed into a sofa by day. They are cheap, comfortable, and can easily compile the advantages offered by a bed and by a sofa. Though, without any doubt, the most elegant idea is to buy a normal bed.

How to choose it?

First of all, think at the budget that you are conditioned to. If you afford a inflatable mattress, fine. If you afford a sofa, even better. Though, as a matter of fact, try saving some money in order to decorate the guest room. After all, the guest bed and the decorations will say everything about your host qualities.

As well, always ensure that your choice can easily be cleaned, as you may be needed to prepare in a hurry the guest bed and room. If the material can’t be cleaned, then the whole guest bed is useless, as no guest would ever sleep in a bed that is dirty.

And most of all, the most important factor in choosing a guest bed is the size. Never buy a guest beds that are oversized, as the whole room would be useless. After all, in a room, there should be enough place to move, isn’t it? Also, very important, if you choose to buy a bed, ensure that you have a suitable mattress for it. In fact, this is a mandatory condition when buying a bed, as after all, a bed without a mattress is like a wedding without music. And last, but not least, keep in mind a thing: would you sleep on that bed that you’ll be offering to your guests? If no, then you might reconsider your choices when you’ll buy the guest bed that you and your house are in need of.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on September 23rd, 2010


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