How To Choose A Fire Pit

Fire pits are often misplaced with chimneys, right? After all, the chimney works after the basics of the fire pits, but the only thing that is different is the fact that the chimney can be installed inside the house, due to the fact that it has a ventilation channel, while the fire pit can’t be installed inside, as there is no ventilation, and therefore, fire pits are considered to be more like a decoration, and not something that is used too often.

Though, when it comes to choosing a fire pit, many people get fooled, and either they buy ugly ones, either they buy too expensive ones. So, how to choose a fire pit?

First of all, every single one of you should know exactly what and where is the space where the fire pit will be placed. Therefore, make a drawing, and use your imagination: what shape should the fire pit be, what height should it have in order to fit properly in the garden, or wherever the fire pit might be placed.

As concerning the fire space, you should choose the fire pit that has the largest one. That’s because it’s obvious that sparks might be thrown out from the fire, and therefore, if the fire pit isn’t large enough, then this might be a problem depending directly of what kind of furniture is near the fire pit, and what distance is between it and the fire pit. You wouldn’t like a fire in your garden, right?

Also, you should ensure that the fire place is a bit lower than the rest of the fire pit, and that  the diameter of the fire place is pretty large. This might save you from a lot of trouble, as if the fire place is exactly as above, then the coals won’t be thrown out from their place, and therefore, the risk of the fire will be seriously decreased and no mess will ever appear.

Of course, if you don’t find a fire pit that suits all your requirements, you could choose to order one to be made manually. Even if this might be a little bit more expensive and might take a while, the fire pit would be exactly as you have ordered it, with all the requirements and with the right shape and dimensions.

So, remember that even if there might be fire pits that are fancy and good looking, if they don’t fit in the above requirements, then they are useless, as after all, our safety, and yours, is more important.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on October 26th, 2010


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