How You Can Change The Look Of Your Home With Wallpaper

Wallpaper is versatile, easy to install and it can change the look of a space instantly and dramatically. It’s the perfect tool if you want a quick and easy makeover. Its versatility allows it to be used in any room of the house and not just on walls. Here are a few hints of how wallpaper can change the look of your home.

Inviting hallway.

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It can be a nice change to add some pattern to the hallway walls, instead of keeping them simple. Wallpaper lets you do that and allows you complete freedom in choosing the theme, color, design and the mood you’re trying to create.

Elegant dining room.

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Simple, painted walls are not ideal if you want to make your dining room feel more inviting and comfortable. Try wallpaper. It makes the room feel warm while also allowing it to look elegant.

Playful kids’ room.

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For the kids’ room there are tons of great designs and prints to choose from. Try something colorful and fun for a cheerful look or something less vibrant but still attractive for a more relaxing ambiance.

Fresh bathroom.

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For the bathroom, the options include a variety of interesting designs. Depending on the color scheme and style you’ve chosen for the room, you can opt for wallpaper that has a playful look or for something more neutral and abstract. There should be a harmonious balance throughout.

Casual living room.

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In the living room, the décor needs to be somewhere between formal and casual. It has to be elegant but to also feel comfortable and welcoming. Choose wallpaper that makes a statement and use it on a single accent wall.

Cozy bedroom.

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In the bedroom you should try to create an intimate and relaxing ambiance. Use wallpaper that represents trees, waves and other soothing images. Applying wallpaper on all the walls can be a bit too much so focus on the wall behind the bed.

Colorful stairs.

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As we’ve mentioned, wallpaper doesn’t necessarily have to be used on walls. Use it to give your staircase a makeover. Use a different pattern and color for each step and mix and match designs for a unique look.

Attractive drawers.

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Another creative idea is to use wallpaper to decorate your drawers. Either use it to line the interior of the drawers or to reveal a beautiful design when they’re pulled out and the sides become visible.

Eye-catching bookcase.

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Use wallpaper to change the look your plain and simple bookcase. Apply it to the back of the bookcase so that the items you display on the shelves can have an eye-catching background to make them stand out.{found on yummymummyclub}.

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