How to Bring Feminine Details into your Home

There are scores of individuals that long to bring feminine details into their home and make it an exquisite place to live in. Home décor items that bring in pastel soft colors, curvilinear form and asymmetry are some feminine attributes.  If you love delicate shades over the bold ones and love the feel of liberal flowing interiors then your décor may be perfect for feminine attributes.

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1) Delicate muted colors – Most of the people assume that pink is the only color which can add a feminine touch to the room. However, soft tone of any color is feminine. So simply select your favorite color and use a muted tone of the color to impart the room with a delicate feel. Pair up the muter shades with contrast or dark shades to increase the visual interest and give weight.

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2) Curvilinear form – Curving lines and free forms are one of the vital feminine décor attributes.  Modern interiors are generally more traditional and linear, whereas romantic décor is always more feminine. Consider using natural elements such as soft wood and leather.Get ornate details done in soft wood.

3) Lush fabrics and materials – Sumptuousness bed with fluffy pillows and downy comforts are loved by all of us. Make use of soft fabrics and materials to subdue the hard lines of furniture. Floral bed sheets, touchable textiles, and accent rugs with plush textures shall impart a feminine feel to your house.

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4) Playful pairings – Since feminine colors revolve around delicate and pastel tones, it is better to pair them with varied patterns and contrast colors. Light pastel colors become more prominent when they are paired with exquisite browns, blues and even black. Do not use Feminine décor for each and every element of the room. For instance, if you are using feminine colors for the wall, extend it to the textiles and play with dark colors and patterns for flooring and accessories.

5) Random design – for feminine décor, you need to adopt asymmetry décor and not aligned décor. For grouping pictures and displaying collections, do not obey a strict rule. Instead let your imagination play and use your ideas freely.

6) Add feminine touches to the room such as a glass vase with a bunch of pink roses, a dresser with a moisturizer and perfume, a basket full of aromatherapy oils and candles along with a burner.

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