How to Brighten Your Room by Installing a Ceiling Lamp?

Installing a ceiling lamp is a great way to brighten up a room. Lighting showrooms always showcase a large variety of ceiling lamps with different designs. Lamps can be hung in the ceiling through the electric box or swag type hookup. Lamps which are hung from the electric box will have wires which are connected to the wall switch. In swag type hookup hanging method, the lamp is hook in the ceiling by a chain which includes the power cord. The power cord is hidden in the wall and connected to the receptacle. With a pendant lamp, you can add lighting to the room without using up a large space.

Before getting started, you should turn off the power to the box. You will need a ladder to reach the lamp box in the ceiling. If the lamp box has a cover plate, you must use the screwdriver to remove it.  After you have removed the cover plate, you must remove the wire nuts which keep the wire in place. Most of the lamp box has a black wire, white wire and green ground wire. You are to install a volt meter on the black and white wire.

Next, you should bring the lamp up and rest it on the ladder. You must use a wire nut to connect the black wire in the box with the black wire from the lamp. You should do the same with white wire. Generally, the green wire is hooked to a lug in the box. If there is no lug in the box, you can attach the green wire from the lamp. After that, you should attach the bracket to the lamp box with screws. Finally, you can attach the lamp to the bracket. The lamp is attached to the bracket by using a long screw. You can now turn on the switch to check if it is working properly.

To hang a swag lamp, you must fist locate where to hang the lamp. After you have decided on a location, you can place a mark on the ceiling. The swag lamp has a chain with an attached power cord that is connected to the ceiling. On the ceiling where you put a mark, you are to install a hook to hang the lamp. The molly type screw can be used as a hook for the swag lamp. Molly screw has a spring that opens after it is installed in the hole on the ceiling. You can adjust the chain of the swag lamp so that is hung at your desired height. You should connect the chain and cord into the wall area which has an outlet. Finally, you should plug the electric cord into the outlet and test it.

It is important that the ceiling lamp is installed properly to avoid shock or fire. When shopping for ceiling lamp, you must check the temperature rating of the wires. Most of the ceiling lamp sold at the home center is not safe to use for homes that are wired before 1985. These fixtures will generate too much heat and cause damage to the insulation of older wires. As a result, it will cause a fire hazard. However, houses that are built after 1985 have coverings so they are resistant to higher temperature.

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