How to Brighten up a Dark Room?

Are you unable to use and enjoy your room effectively just because it is dark? Do you do not find the idea of breaking down a wall to create window space appealing? Do you have a limited budget, and thus you are unable to install skylights on the ceiling? Well, if this is the case, you will be pleased to know that there are several alternative solutions to brighten up a dark room without breaking your piggy bank storage.

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The easiest way to brighten up a dark room is to dress the walls in a fresh coat of paint. Cover the dark shades with vibrant and light colors.Different tones of the same color can also be used to bring in a dramatic effect in the room. In addition, ensure to employ gloss finish paints, as it will reflect the light instead of absorbing it like the flat paint colors.

Bulky and heavy pieces of furniture will definitely make a room appear smaller and concentrated. Therefore, instead of introducing bulky furniture in dark colors, bring in light furniture pieces boasting light colors. This will also light to bounce, and the room will become bright and open.

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Similar to the furniture pieces, consider installing light colored flooring in the room. Bamboo flooring or light colored tiles flooring will assist to enliven the space. Alternatively, you may also place large light color rugs on the floor. Both, woven and printed rugs will work perfect. Just ensure they are done in light shades.

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Good source of lighting should be introduced in the room. Table lamp placed in a corner of the room besides providing a source of light also acts as a decorative element. You may consider increasing the wattage of your light bulbs.

Pictures and art on the wall for decoration should be kept minimal. And if you are employing them, ensure that the pictures are light colored ones and do not feature busy patterns or designs. Landscape sceneries featuring a bright yellow sun or huge aqua ocean are perfect selections for a small room.

Consider installing a mirror on the wall. The bigger is the mirror size, the better it would be. Besides reflecting light, mirrors are also known to make a room appear spacious and large.

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