How to Arrange Baby Furniture in the Nursery?

Designing a baby nursery for the new member of the family is assured to be fun and exciting. The baby nursery is the first place that the child can call it as his own space. Therefore, it has to be designed optimally.

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Frankly speaking, most of the parents give utmost importance to selection of a theme for the baby nursery and assume the work to be complete. However, there are several other aspects that play a vital role in the look of the room and should be given equal consideration.One such aspect is the arrangement of the baby furniture in the nursery. Proper arrangement of furniture in the baby nursery will help you make the room comfortable and accessible for the baby as well as you. It shall also assist you to keep your baby away from the possible hazards that a nursery holds.

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First of all, you need to place the cot in the room against a wall. Avoid placing the cot against the wall that is shared by the bathroom or other noisy room of the house. Also avoid placing it near the wall featuring a window.

Secondly, you need to place the comfy chair or the rocker near the cot. Assure that the cot is no more than three feet away from the cot. This will provide enough space for movement of pieces. On the other hand, if the cot is placed against the middle of a wall, you have the option to place the rocker at the corner.

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Place the changing table near the doorway so that you can comfortably change the napkin in the middle of the night, and it is convenient for you when you are bringing the baby from other parts of the house. Also ensure the placement of changing cot is far from the cot so that the little one cannot get his hands on the things kept on the table such as lamps, chords, etc.

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The chest of drawers or the furniture with drawers should not be placed near the cot. This is to ensure that the baby is kept away from all sorts of hazards. The ideal location for chest of drawers is opposite to the wall where the cot has been placed.

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