How to add space to your kitchen?

The most integral part of a house is the kitchen area. It is where one prepares the meals, stores varied food ingredients, and the entire family gets together to enjoy a sumptuousness dinner.

Space available in the kitchen is always given a lot of importance as there are endless things to be stored in the kitchen. The amount of space available in your kitchen will be ascertained by the size and shape of your kitchen. However, there are certain universal techniques that can be applied to all kitchens in order to increase the space.

Follow the below mentioned tips to add space to your kitchen –

Get kitchen carts and islands – Kitchen carts and islands are great accessories that are known to add space to the kitchen. They act like kitchen furniture because they possess the capability to almost hold everything starting from kitchen utensils to varied ingredients. However, assure to invest in durable and sturdy kitchen carts so that they provide service for a long period of time.

Install hangers – Large pots and pans occupy a lot of space on the shelves. So one trick to add space to your kitchen is to install hangers so that pots and pans can be hanged and space in the shelves and the cabinets are freed up to store other things. The hangers may also be used to hand large serving spoons, strainers and big dishes with handles.

Open shelves – Open shelves provides a stylish yet a functional way to store varied things and also give the kitchen an open and relaxed feel. The most remarkable feature of using open shelves is that you get little extra space that is occupied by doors in the closed cabinets. In addition, you don’t need to worry if the edges or corners of the things stored peep out of the shelves.

Utilize the corners for deep shelves – In most of the kitchens, the corner space is totally wasted or inefficiently employed. The best way to add space to the kitchen and also use the corners efficiently is to install deep corner shelves. Large containers, jars, pots and utensils that are known to occupy a lot of space can be stored inside near the corner. Hence, a large amount of space will be freed up in the kitchen and can be used to store other varied things.

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