Horse Lamp by Moooi

A lot of people love horses. They are lovely animals, both fun and useful. Unlike cat or dog lovers, people that like horses are not that crazy about this subject. They don’t try to completely reorganize their lives and home design around them. Let’s just say they’re a little less enthusiastic and a little more down-to-earth.

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This might very well mean that a piece like this lamp for example could be a big failure. This is a very distinctive lamp. Its most distinctive feature is the shape. It look like horse, it’s actually a very close replica of a horse. Even if it’s special and very original, this doesn’t make it appropriate for any home. Still, there are plenty of people who actually search for this type of things. They like uncommon and unique pieces. In this case, the lamp might be a success.

It’s hard to pick a side. It’s not something that you see every day and it’s not easy to even decide if you love it or hate. It’s much more difficult to give your opinion when you know that other people are going to read it and probably disagree with you. So I’ll just say I find it very interesting and let you decide how you feel about it. I don’t have any additional information about the price, material or anything else so you’ll have to judge it by the way it looks.The Horse Lamp was created by Moooi.

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Posted in Lighting on June 14, 2011

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