Hopside Down – Glass and Bottle

Every time I go to the restaurant or bar with my husband we have beer and the funny thing is he drinks it directly from the bottle while I pour it into a glass. I think it is more healthy this way as the glass is certainly clean, but I am not so sure about the bottle neck. Well, as far as I noticed, a lot of men seem to prefer to drink directly from the bottle, so I guess one smart guy with a sense of humour called Dima Komissarov, had the idea of making something for both parties, so he designed the glass with a bottle inside. It is the Hopside Down glass.

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This unique and unusual glass is a normal glass on the inside, but it has a double interior shaped like a bottle neck. It is hand blown and precisely crafted, being the perfect gift for party boys and girls. It is made of tempered glass, so it is safe to clean in the dishwasher. It is available for $14.95.