Hometrends Songbird Decorative Pillow

Some pillows are only used to sleep on, I mean to support your head during your sleep, thus offering you a more comfortable position. But many times you just use decorative pillows that make your bed or sofa look better and interesting, while offering little or no comfort. For example they are stuffed with more firm filling in order to stay and look nice and this can make your neck hurt if you sleep on that kind of pillow. Not to mention the pillow cover, which can be only decorative and hard, not soft – proper for your face. Any way, the best example is this beautiful Hometrends Songbird Decorative Pillow.

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It is square and has a charming design, with a bold background and some red birds singing on white branches. It looks quite modern and cool, but I bet it cannot provide you the proper feeling for a good night rest. It is filled with 100% recycled polyester, but the cover is 100% cotton with rayon embroidery. The pillow is really great in design and looks perfect on any sofa. You can purchase it now for $13.97 from Walmart . So if you miss summer, have a totally dull sofa and want to make it more attractive or you simply like the pillow, do not hesitate to order it online.