Homes with Rustic Country Theme and a Cottage Style

Many Americans love homes that have a rustic country theme and cottage style.  This type of home was patterned from the houses in France, England and Sweden.  When you say rustic country, it means that your home is equipped with things that are “raw” and simple, which includes fire woods and unpolished furniture. You will usually find a cottage style home simple, comfy, old-fashioned yet very attractive.

Homes like these have floors that are made of wood or stones.  Many decades ago, the floors that were made of wood were cut creating boards that were then waxed, sometimes painted, and manually polished.  If you are attracted with wooden floors, it would be nice to top it with rugs made in Asian countries as their designs are more ethnic and nature-inspired.  Decorations used in a rustic country are usually handmade, but absolutely exudes simplicity and elegance.

Most of us are aware that the furniture in cottages usually is made of pine trees.  They even have paintings on their surfaces bearing different nature-inspired designs like birds, trees, flowers or animals.  If you want your home to have a rustic country theme, here’s a simple step for you to do.  Get a piece of wooden furniture, coat it with paint, wipe off some of the paint, and let it dry.  When it’s dry, get a wood stain and spread it imperfectly creating an antique and rustic look.

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For the other accessories, you may use woven baskets to hold fire woods, fresh flowers and plants.  Choose a brass to hold candle sticks, use kerosene or hurricane lamps, storm lanterns or a century old-looking chandelier.  Brown, blue, off white and green are the colors that are usually seen in a cottage style home.

To create a rustic look in your kitchen, leave your shelves open, hang your pans, and store food items in a cupboard.  You may want you get larger cookware sets and make use of pots that are made of steel, cast iron or copper.

Bathrooms of a cottage style houses are painted with neutral colors.  The lighting system has a dimming effect making the space look so old-fashioned.  The cabinets are all made of wood, which also have old and rough-looking surfaces.  This area spells relaxation, elegance and tranquillity resembling the qualities of nature.

When wanting to embrace a rustic country theme, do not forget to include your bedroom.  Use quilted bed covers and blankets, wooden side tables and dressers, and install wallpapers with images of nature.

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