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Decorating is an art that requires all your attention and skills. But sometimes a break from all the rules and restrictive concepts is needed. Sometimes you just want to have fun decorating. When you love what you’re doing that’s easy to achieve but it’s even easier when you get to use some of these fun and cheerful decorations and accessories. We have compiled a selection of accessories that reveal the fun side of decorating and that would be wonderful either as a gift or used in your own home.

The Petit Beurre cushion measures approximately 38 x 45 x 12 cm and it looks simply delicious. Its surface is made out of polar fleece and the interior is filled with cotton and polyester fiber.{found on maximepecourt}.

Face Shelving is another fun element to integrate in your home. It’s a sort of bookcase in the form of a face and, depending how you store the books in it, you can create different faces and expressions.{found on cargocollective}.

This eco wall sticker is made with 100% recyclable PVC-Free adhesive and it’s a fun way of suggesting that energy should be produced in an eco-friendly way. It represents a hamster wheel generator and was designed for the on-off switch.Available for 25 euros.

Here’s a similar idea, this time with the image of a hamster treadmill. It’s a fun and simple way of adding some spark to your room.

These shelving units have an ingenious design and they are called Hole in the Floor. They resemble vertical drawers that seem to have been sliced at the bottom.{found on raw-edges}.

Everyone has wires in their home and sometimes it’s just impossible to hide them all. So instead of trying to do that, why not decorate them and turn them into something nice to look at?{found on site}.

The “Slide to unlock” doormat will put a smile on your visitor’s faces even before they enter your home. It’s simple and it would also be a great gift.{found on site}.

For those that like spending time on Facebook, this hanger would be a suggestive decoration as it’s shaped in the form of the Like button. The hanger measures 8 x 7 x 1cm and it’s made from acrylic.{found on site}.

This funny wall clock is shaped like a frying pan and it even seems to have an omelet ready to be served. The pan measures 7.5″ / 19cm in diameter and the handle is 17 cm long.{found on amazon}.

Scrabble cushions are very versatile and they can be used to write all sorts of messages. Choose the letters you like and use them to personalize your home.{found on etsy}.

For the wall socket, these funny stickers would be a perfect addition. You can choose from a selection of animal representations and turn an indispensable element into a focal point.{found on site}.

You can never have too many plugs in your home. Usually people hide them behind the furniture but if you have a cute piglet like this one there’s no need for that anymore. It has 17 snout-plugs and it’s a fully functional device.{found on artlebedev}.

You don’t necessarily have to be rich to be able to use money as a pillow. This pillow cover can solve the problem. The graphics are knitted and the materials used are hypoallergenic. The pillow cover measures 18cm(H) x 41cm(W) x 48cm(D).{found on etsy}.

This custom-made Question Block Lamp is made of laser-cut plexiglass and it’s lit by energy-efficient LEDs. The lamp is touch-sensitive and comes with an 11 foot power cord. The measurements are 6’’ x 6’’ x 6’’.{found on etsy}.

Here’s another idea for a funny and also useful gift: the “I like your kitchen glove”. This is also something you could use yourself and that would put a smile on your face while cooking.Available for 22 euros.

You know how usually when a table or cabinet is wobbling you use a piece of paper to fix the problem? Well maybe it’s time for an upgrade. How about a $100 bill instead? You can also choose the 100 Euro or 500 Euro versions.Available for 13 euros.

You’ve probably done this before but never in such a large pair of sunglasses. This is a one meter side wall mounted mirror and it would be a great statement piece in any home.Available on site.

Sometimes people dream of seeing their face on the cover of a famous magazine. Now you can stop dreaming because you can now actually see the cover just by looking in the mirror.Available for 40$.

With a trash can like this one you’ll never let anything go to waste anymore. It’s complete with lights and sounds and has a pedal that opens the lid. The interior can is removable.Available for 80$.

For those that often forget to turn off the light, these playful lamps would be a funny reminder. They can be used either as decorations or as a lamp and they’re great for the kids’ room.{found on theplaycoalition}.

Turn the playroom into a Super Mario world with these restickable vinyl wall decals. The package includes three 26″ x 40″ sheets of decals and they are all removable and reusable.Found for 68$.

The Ctrl Alt Del pillow covers are a fun way of decorating your sofa or bed. They are made from eco felt and they have envelope enclosures. Machine-wash them cold and tumble dry on low.Found on etsy.

Remember Pac-Man? It might not be as fun as the latest games but it’s certainly a great theme to use for the kids’ bedroom or playroom. All you need is this wall sticker.Found on etsy.

Flying carpets might not actually exist but they have been the inspiration for this fun piece of furniture. Great for contemporary homes and playrooms in particular, the flying carpet will take to the world of imagination in no time.Price upon request.

Published by in Design And Concept, on January 4th, 2013


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