Hibiscus Pink Lattice Pillow

I don’t know why, but geometrical shapes look so nice and are so decorative. People have used geometrical shapes to decorate their ceramic objects ever since they started making them, a long, long time ago. I guess this is due to the fact that they are so regular and any regular thing suggests perfection. Any way, I prefer these patterns to any floral or other random pattern. This Hibiscus Pink Lattice Pillow is the best example. The small squares that are linked by straight lines look amazing against the hibiscus pink background.

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This pillow is able to decorate your living room in a cheerful way, to make it funny and happy, lively and looking so young. The bold colour and the modern pattern are perfect and together they will be the centerpiece of your sofa. The pillow cover is made of cotton, which is great for kids, too, since this is a hypo-allergenic fabric and also very nice to touch, absorbing fluids and keeping cool during summer. There is an “invisible” zipper at the bottom of the pillow and this allows you to remove the pillow case when you want to wash it. The pattern is the same on both sides of the pillow and you can order it online for the fair price of $15 from Pillows for hope.