Herman Miller Setu Chairs

These are good chairs if you work more at you office, Herman Miller Setu Chairs will keep you comfortable. Designed to make you feel beter once you get there, the Setu is available in a wide variety of styles and colors to fit into the decor, whether it’s in the office or at your home bar.

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This chair is the perfect item for your office as it has an ergonomic shape and follows the natural contour of your body. It leaves enough room for the back and has a very comfortable leaning position of the back rest , so as not to give you back pains after a prolonged time of sitting down. The chair support has five legs that you can chose to have wheels or not, depending on your taste. If you have to move around your desk a lot on short distances than choose the wheeled one. The backing has some little holes in it allowing your body to breathe and feel comfortable even in the hot summer days , which can be a blessing. Great design and a great chair.Available for 650$.