Hand Carved Sandstone Mushroom

I was on my honeymoon about ten years ago when I saw this marvelous little garden in a small mountain town. It was really green and nice, but what drew me there were the many outdoor decorations I could see  spread all over the place. There were dwarfs and birds, mushrooms and little stone fountains. It was like a magic garden in fairy tales. So I decided to have a similar garden, at least some time in the future when I planned to have kids. Well, if you have a small garden and you have plans to arrange it, you might want to use this beautiful Hand Carved Sandstone Mushroom.

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This mushroom is carved of natural stone and the people doing this used their hands to do this, making the final product a nice and beautiful one, made with love. It looks just like a natural mushroom you can find in the woods on a rainy day, but only made of stone. It has some small carved dots on its surface that try to imitate the natural look. One such item can be bought for £9.50.