Green Mushroom Lamp

I have seen many fantastic movies that depict a twisted reality that you can find only in some people’s  imagination, but which looks so cool that sometimes even designers borrow some of these ideas and turn them into useful objects you can use in your house. I am sure you have all seen movies with giant mushrooms next to people having the same size and you have all imagined yourselves wandering about such a wonderful world. Well, this Green Mushroom Lamp is this image in my head come to life. It is a nice lamps shaped like a giant mushroom that will be loved by adults, young people and old people just as much.

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The lamp looks a bit retro in design and is pretty simple, but it is good looking and so green it almost makes you think spring is here. Actually the lamp is available in a variety of colours, but I like this one most because it looks so fresh and invigorating, so optimistic and nice. The lamp works with a 40 watt incandescent E12 type G bulb and is perfect for your desk, for your living room , for the side table or night stand, so it fits pretty much everywhere. It comes with a clear cord and you must attach it to a polarized plug and it is now available for $49.

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Posted in Lighting on February 6, 2012

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