Great DIY Spooky Ghost Leaves

Autumn is a season which manifests itself with colder days, much rain than the previous season, many windy moments and a real spectacular change of colors which affects the entire nature. It is enough to watch the plants or the leaves of the trees which become, yellow, brown or red and create a picture that can take your breath away. The forests are places where you can relax, feel the smell of the dry leaves and the beautiful carpet of fallen leaves that appears in front of you.

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If you think that it is autumn and Halloween keeps coming closer, then you can think of some nice decorations that can fit perfectly these two moments. You can create some great DIY Spooky Ghost Leaves with not too much effort. All you have to do is to gather many leaves, clean them, paint them in white and then draw some ghost faces on them using some black paint.

You can string them and hang them up or use them as decorations for the walls. You can use them for all kinds of Halloween parties or other activities. They will help you to feel the spirit of autumn or Halloween and create the perfect atmosphere for these special moments.{found on homeseasons}