Great DIY Portable Fire Pit

Summer is almost over and autumn is knocking at the door. The hot summer days are almost finished and the rainy and cold days will take their place. Autumn is usually a sad season or a season which makes you feel melancholic.

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A nice fire pit may cheer up and warm a little bit this type of atmosphere. Karen has a great idea of how you can do your own great DIY Portable Fire Pit. It will make your nights more pleasant and on your terrace you can enjoy some beautiful sunsets that will match perfectly this romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

The advantage of this fire pit is that it is a portable one. So, you may place it anywhere you please or you may take it with you in any space you would like to stay.

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With some materials like: marine silicone, cheap glass frames, rocks, any kind of metal mesh, gel fuel, any metal planter with a lip and some bit of patience you will be able to create a luxury DIY Portable Fire Pit which will make you feel great. Your guests definitely will envy your fire pit and will become curious to find out how you have built it. It depends on you and how mysterious you would like to be in case you decide to share with them all the details!{found on designsponge}