Great DIY Cheap Windows Curtains

When you first move into a new home it happens that you need many things and sometimes maybe you can afford them all.Here it is an incredible and nice idea for your windows curtains. If you need to dress your windows you can use this idea so that you can enjoy them as quickly as in an hour. You will do some great DIY Cheap Windows Curtains that will look wonderful at your windows.The materials that you need are: fabric, scissors, measure tape, twine, pencil, hammer, thin wooden rail, wood stapler.

Now you need to follow some instructions and everything will be ok.Measure your window’s internal space. Measure the same amount of the fabric and cut it. Wooden rail must have the same width as the window so cut it if needed. The wooden rail should be 1.5 cm from the fabric’s edge. Bend the fabric on the rail and use staples to fasten it. Measure off the twine 2, 5 times longer that the height of the window.

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Toss the twine in the middle of the rail and attach the rail to the top of the window using the hammer. The twine should be in the middle of the window as at the front as at the back of the fabric. You need to tie and pull it up exactly in the middle of the window. You can control the openness of the window with the twine.{found on flashdecor}