Good Grips Cherry Pitter

I am well aware of the fact that most products nowadays contain a smaller or bigger quantity of chemicals that make them last longer and this way reduce costs. They look very well on the supermarket shelves, but they are seldom 100% natural. That is why I decided to do everything in my power and avoid them, trying to make as many as I could at home. I am talking about jams made of different fruit and also other canned fruit. But my kids favourite jam is by far the one made of cherries, so I make good supplies of this kind of jam for the winter. But I don’t think you realize just how tiring and annoying can be to remove the cherry pips from let’s say five kilos of cherries.

Well, now you know why I need this gadget badly. It just makes my day a lot shorter and it eases my job a lot. The cherry pitter is able to remove the cherry pip by a simple grip of the hand. You place the cherry in there, press and the pip will immediately come out on the other side without destroying the fruit. It is simple and effective, as all home gadgets should be. And, as a bonus, it costs only $12.99 and can be ordered directly online.