Golden Moustache Tumbler

DO you remember when you were kids and had a glass of milk before going to bed? Well, I loved this moment because I have a sister and we looked at each other and laugh our hearts out when we saw the milk moustache we had. This moment was even more delicious than the milk itself and I still smile when I remember it. And I still like milk and having a milk moustache. I guess I am not the only one since the designer Peter Ibruegger  had the great and funny idea of using it to embellish tumblers. This way he made usual and boring tumblers funny and turned them into an amusement source – The Golden Moustache Tumbler.

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So now the totally transparent and clear glass tumbler was added a golden moustache. And not just one, but a bunch of them, one funnier than the other, starting from Poirot style moustaches to big bushy ones, from cartoons or famous movie characters. There is a whole collection of such funny tumblers waiting for you to purchase each of them for $25 and spice up your party.