Give your old bike a second chance and turn it into a beautiful and original decoration for your garden

Bicycles, besides their primary use as a practical means of transportation and entertainment, have also been used as decorations. Antique bikes were very appreciated and still are. Because of their beauty, lots of reproductions were made and can still be found on the market. They make particularly interesting decorations for the garden. Let’s take a look at some creative ideas for using bicycles in our gardens.Most often, we see bicycles turned into planters. It’s one of the most common uses for vintage bikes. Here are a few examples:

Here’s a bike in fairly good condition that got two additions, one on each side. These annexes are used as containers for decorative plants.

The bike can also rest on a wall and be surrounded by vegetation. A front basket filled with plants makes the image complete.{found on flickr}.

If you’re patient and enjoy DIY projects, you can also repaint your vintage bike and make it more eye-catching. Allow it to become the star of the garden.{found on lisasretrostyle}.

This bike almost disappeared behind all those beautiful flowers. It’s like they’re grown wheels are are ready to conquer the world and make it a more colorful place.

An old bike would also look good near the fence, in the distance. This way everyone will wonder how it got there and your entire garden will be admired.

This is a similar example, this time with a big basket on the front and with charming pink flowers inside. The bike’s red frame matches beautifully the whole décor.

Here we have another lovely old bike, this time with white flowers that match the white mirror hanging above it. The mirror reflects the rest of the garden and this way the whole décor becomes more interesting.

Another very beautiful idea is to have your vintage bike resting on a tree. This way both the bike and the tree can benefit from each other’s presence and together they form a mirific image.

A rusty old bike would integrate perfectly in any garden. To allow it to stand out, you can use more delicate flowers in bright colors and the contrast will be very charming.

This bike is very beautiful even without all the lovely plants that were added. It’s a very nice antique bicycle with delicate details and with an overall refined and stylish look.

Some bikes are beautiful as they are but others could benefit from a fresh coat of paint. The next two bikes just underwent a serious transformation.This bike just became all yellow. Of course, the flowers used to decorate it with are also yellow and this way the bike stands out and brings color to the garden.{found on piccsy}.

This bike was also repainted but in red. It’s a color that suits it well, especially with all the matching decorations.

And since we’re talking about matching details, there’s no reason why two bikes couldn’t be used to form an even more eye-catching garden decoration. There are two bikes with matching designs and they have been placed on a platform and decorated with the same types of flowers.

Two bikes are better than one but what if you have more than two? Well… you could use them all. Just look at these rusty old bikes. They just started a new chapter in their existence as decorations on a piece of land that separates two properties.{found on thosebowmangirls}.

So far we’ve been talking about vintage or old bikes turned into decorations for the garden. But this is not the only way they can be used, or rather re-used. Here’s an example that demonstrates this in a very unusual manner.

This is a bike garden gate. Two bikes were incorporated into the design of the gate and they became a part of it.

Published by in Outdoor, on September 26th, 2012


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