Give Your Bedroom an Underwater Theme

One of the most exquisite places to visit is an underwater world and this is the reason why an underwater theme is so popular all across the globe.  Adopting an underwater theme for your bedroom will impart a unique and distinct look to the bedroom. Designing your bedroom with an underwater theme is not only easy but an interesting task to execute.

1) First of all, you need to decide on the type of underwater theme you wish to incorporate. You can make your room appear straight out of “The little Mermaid”, or make it appear like whale and dolphin galore or impart a subdued look.

2) Choose your color palette. The most obvious choice is always blue. However, there are a lot of other colors also that are found in an underwater world. Green, pink, beige, yellow, cream, etc is some of the color shades you can introduce into the room.

3) Start off with the walls. Use a gradient of colors. The layer closet to the ceiling should have the lightest shade of the chosen color. The color shade should gradually go dark as it approaches the floor. You may also get sponge painting done on the walls, or else you may hire a college student to paint something on a wall.

4) Do not forget to paint your ceiling, as a white ceiling will destroy the theme completely. Dressing the ceiling in light cream or beige will enhance the underwater theme.

5) Visit a nearby beach and collect lots of sea shells and sand. Keep this in an empty fish tank or container. Sea shells may also be used to decorate the borders of mirrors and paintings. You may also place real fish, underwater plants and coral in a fish tank and add authenticity to the room.

6) Incorporate subdued lighting fixtures in the room instead of one or two bright lights.

7) Add various decorations and accessories that would support the underwater theme. For example, you may place a clock in the shape of a dolphin or star fish, hang wind chimes with fish cut outs, etc. Introducing maritime accents and pirate ships shall also elevate the mood.

8) Place some green leafy plants in a corner to an extra touch to the underwater world.

9) Buy bed sheets, comforters, pillows that have prints of fishes on them. Finding these in the stores will not be difficult.

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