Georg Jensen Elephant Bottle Opener

You need a lot of things around the house, many of them so small that you don’t realize you need them until you do. One of these things is the bottle opener. Yes, I know most bottles nowadays have an easy to open cap that is switched and leaves you access to the contents of the bottle. However, there are still some soda or beer manufacturers that still use metal caps that need a bottle opener. And if you need one any way why shouldn’t you use a funny one? Like this bottle opener that was designed by Jorgen Moller  for Georg Jensen , Denmark .

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The designer was inspired by the elephant shape while he was on a safari in Africa and combined this with his Scandinavian tradition and made this beautiful elephant-shaped bottle opener. You use the space between the elephant’ s trunk and feet to open the bottles. The device is made of steel and this confers the necessary resistance needed for opening the bottles. This item can make a very funny and useful gift, too and you can buy it now for $55.