Gate Pillow

Pillows are very useful because they keep your head at a comfortable distance from the bed, so that you can have a good night sleep. They are bigger or smaller, softer or harder, but they all add a plus of personality and style to your bedroom. The pillow have pillow cases in different designs and patterns and this design must match the whole design of the room and give some hints about the owner. Many people, myself included, love geometrical patterns. Take a look at this Gate Pillow and I am sure you will love it instantly.

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The name of the pillow comes from the nice design on the case – a pattern that reminds you of an old iron gate. However, it does give it a modern touch and the combination of white and red is contrasting in a very nice way. What’s very special about this pillow is the fact that the case fabric is teflon coated, which means it is stain resistant and also made of cotton, which is very good for your skin. You have the liberty to choose the pillow filling and have either a normal soft filling or a hypoallergenic one for the more sensitive people.  The hidden zipper of the pillow case makes it very easy for you to remove it and clean it, preferably dry. You can purchase this pillow now for $242.