Garage doors sizes available

Garage door manufacturers are now coming up with different size of garage doors as different sizes of cars are now available in the market. In addition, the garage spaces in the houses are also very diverse. Few houses feature very big garages that can easily be used to park two to three vehicles while there are many others are known to feature such a small garage that only a golf size car or two wheelers can only be parked inside it.

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The garage door sizes are basically segmented into three sizes – single car doors, double car doors, and golf cart doors. Now let us look at the further details of these sizes –

Single car doors – The typical single car doors are available in sizes of ten by seven feet, nine by seven feet and eight by seven feet. In addition, ten by eight feet, nine by eight feet and eight by eight feet are also available. It is also common for the width to vary by one foot in different states.

Double car doors – the standard garage doors are available in sizes of eighteen by seven feet, sixteen by seven feet, fourteen by seven feet, and twelve by seven feet. As you expect, there are more variations also available like the single car doors like eighteen by eight feet, sixteen by eight feet, fourteen by eight feet and twelve by eight feet.

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Golf cart doors – as the name implies, golf cart doors are small doors that are fit for small garages covering a small area. The standard sizes for these doors are six by seven feet and five by seven feet. In addition, like other varieties, these garage doors are also available in variations such as six by eight feet and five by eight feet. Besides these standard sizes, there are also other sizes available with few inches less in width for the garages that are not exactly big as the dimensions.

Though the thumb rule is to select a big garage door for spacious garages and compact doors for garages covering small space but there are several other factors that should also be considered. One of the important factors is the number of cars that need to be parked. In addition, you should also consider the future requirement. If you are planning to purchase a big SUV car in the near future, then you would need a big garage door.

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    Hello I was wondering how to purchace a 5 ft wide by 7 ft tall garage door my name is Mark Criscio 203 804 6165 and how much they cost thank you

  • StefanStefan says:

    Mark the problem is i only review the producs i do not sell them.

    Thanks for your comment.